• Жанаргул Нәбиева М.Өтемісов атындағы БҚУ
  • Гулжан Ергалиева


This article discusses ways to educate the spiritual and moral values of Primary School students on the basis of local history values. A description of fundamental research on the basics of value orientation, problems of virtue, personality formation is given. In the modern educational process, the problem of preserving moral values, educating the individual, formed on the basis of spiritual awareness and behavior towards his native land, is studied theoretically and experimentally, the results of which are outlined. Today, it is important to form a sense of patriotism in students, strengthen interethnic harmony, unity, cooperation, and peace based on morality. The revival of the values of society objectively requires universal qualities, which are considered the main core of human life-morality, punctuality, honor and honor, duty and responsibility, good deeds. Based on this, the main goal of our society is to bring to light the spiritual treasures of the heart of the student, instilling his own spiritual and civic values, to develop the existing values in him in order to improve each child as an individual who deeply learns the history of his native land, which proves the relevance of research.